After being away in Miami Florida for almost a week, I was home for a day before heading out to document a family weekend camping trip.

Let me just say I have never been camping, and this kind of camping was not in a tent. I call it Semi-Glamping… lol

We had a full kitchen, full bathroom, beds and heat! There was a campfire for s’mores and heating up some bagels in the morning. We can’t forget the Kahlua for the morning coffee, I think that was the icing on the cake, I was told never go camping without it. LOL We did some hiking and played hide N seek in the dark, well more like the adults hid from the kids. lol

Camping wasnt too bad and maybe I’ll do it again but next time maybe I’ll rough it and use a tent…lol

This was a year ago now. This quarentine has put a hault on everything for the near future, including another Miami trip and A camping weekend.

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