Favorites of 2019


I have been wanting to start a blog for a few years now


Life happens and gets busy or not so busy and things get put off.

I guess now is the best time to start, and the best place to start would be my favorites of last year. Here is my top 5 of 2019. There was suppose to be 10, I chose only 5 because it was super hard to even be able to pick 5 so anymore was not happening.

The Littles

This little loves animals and always wants to pretend to be a fox or a wolf, She even walks around with her tongue sticking out lol She had gotten this mask for halloween and wears it every chance she gets. My other little on the couch is always on his iPad with a cat in his lap. He is like the cat whisperer. lol He usually has Oliver Toe Beans (who’s in his lap now) or Simba who loves sitting with this little. I’m actually surprised that he wasn’t with him on this day, but this image to me represents our life now. The mess, the weirdness, the mundane of our days.

Just Like Me

Every year I donate sessions to moms for Mother’s Day to tell the stories of their everyday. This session in particular mom was home from work and was spending the day with her daughter before dad and brother came home. Mom was folding laundry and this little was eating and watching TV. When they made the same face without even knowing it, I was like wow Lol I absoultley love this image, it shows how our kids really are just like us.

Making Gravy

These are my neighbors, every fall since I know them they are outside washing, cooking, puréeing and canning tomatoes. This year was the first year the kids helped out. It’s a long process, and they’re out there from early in the morning till late in the afternoon. They make enough gravy to last them the year.

The Dancer

This dancer’s mom asked me to take pictures of her dance rehearsals. That was almost 10 years ago and I have been doing it every year since. This year she started high school. Freaking high school! Now I get to document her dancing through her high school career. I love this image because of the simplicity of it. A simple task of tying shoes. Only with ballet shoes it’s a bit more complicated apparently. lol

Sleeping Littles

These littles have a love hate relationship, they get along more than not. I do have a slight obsession with making pictures of them asleep. I have so many that I’m making an album of only them sleeping. They are just so calm and beautiful when asleep, I love it…and this one is my favorite one of 2019.


After being away in Miami Florida for almost a week, I was home for a day before heading out to document a family weekend camping trip.

Let me just say I have never been camping, and this kind of camping was not in a tent. I call it Semi-Glamping… lol

We had a full kitchen, full bathroom, beds and heat! There was a campfire for s’mores and heating up some bagels in the morning. We can’t forget the Kahlua for the morning coffee, I think that was the icing on the cake, I was told never go camping without it. LOL We did some hiking and played hide N seek in the dark, well more like the adults hid from the kids. lol

Camping wasnt too bad and maybe I’ll do it again but next time maybe I’ll rough it and use a tent…lol

This was a year ago now. This quarentine has put a hault on everything for the near future, including another Miami trip and A camping weekend.